Third Party Manufacturing

Many global pharmaceutical majors are looking to outsource manufacturing from Indian companies, which enjoy much lower costs (both capital and recurring) than their western counterparts.  Many Indian companies have made their plants cGMP compliant and India is also having the largest number of USFDAapproved plants outside USA. Indian companies are proving to be better at developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) than their competitors from target markets and that too with non-infringing processes. Indian drugs are either entering in to strategic alliances with large generic companies in the world of off-patent molecules or entering in to contract manufacturing agreements with innovator companies for supplying complex under-patent molecules.  Many of large Indian companies started undertaking contract manufacturing of APIs as part of their additional revenue stream. Top MNCs  are largely depending on Indian companies for many of their APIs and intermediates. It is estimated that the contract manufacturing market for global companies in India would touch $900 million.


If you are looking for one of the best pharmaceutical company in India, your search has let you to the right place. Third party manufacturing has mutual benefits to both the consumers as well as the end manufacturers. We have well reputation in the Baddi and Chandigarh region for third party pharma manufacturing services at affordable prices.

Xenacts Pharma : Third Party Manufacturing in Chandigarh | Baddi ( Himachal Pradesh )

We have consistent quality and best packaging which are well accepted by medical professionals. We have extensive exposure in pharmaceutical industry and well knows for top third party manufacturing pharma industry in the Baddi region. We are offering affordable and very safe healthcare medicines being one of top ISO, WHO and GMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation in India.

From technical capability  we own to our capacity and location of our manufacturing units we are one of the best potential option for those seeking third party manufacturing / contract manufacturing solutions in Baddi and Chandigarh regions.  We know very well the strength and weakness of our manufacturing capabilities, by all means we try to overcome our occasional weakness so that we can turn it every time into routine success.  We have the notion of searching for something better than we have at the moment so as to enhance the benefit of our clients. We aim to bring down the manufacturing cost while maintaining on-time delivery so as to maintain long term relationships and bring more hope to our clients.


Top 10 pharma Third Party manufacturing companies in India

We are always willing to take further business by constantly improving our manufacturing capabilities. We focus on enhancing the  existing commercial, technical and quality  parameters while extending the business volumes at a least possible production cost.

For every new third party requirements we follow  ensure  delivering the specified products and services to the required timescales and cost, while maintaining the required technical, quality, and compliance standards.

We follow a regular audit assessments to follow ethical business practices beside full-filling commercial terms.